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Science Projects to do Outdoors

Science projects aren’t usually done outdoors, but if you stop and think, outside is the perfect place to do your next experiment. After all, most of science happens outside – geology, meteorology, botany, ecology, biology, and even chemistry. Outdoor science projects allow you to make a mess, have a larger work area, and observe some natural phenomena.

Exploring Weather – Fill a baking pan with dirt from your backyard. Tilt one end about four inches, and lean on a stack of bricks. Place the bottom end into another baking pan. Wait for rain, and watch how the water erodes the dirt. If you want, fill a second pan with dirt that has grass growing in it, and compare the amount of soil that washes into the ‘catch’ pan.

Messy Volcano Science Project – Form a mud ‘volcano’ around an empty plastic soda bottle. First, add a package of quick acting yeast to the bottle, then add a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Stand back for the eruption.

Sun Bleach – Place several different colors of construction paper in the back window of your car. On each piece of paper, place random solid objects, such as scissors, keys, or small toys. Leave in the car all day, then remove the object. The sun will have faded the part of the paper not covered up.

Night Vision – Go outside at night to a very dark spot. Take a look around, and note what you see. Wait fifteen minutes and watch how much more your eyes can see after they have adjusted to the darkness.

Or think of your own projects. Bubbles, water, plants, rocks, wind…all are great science projects to do outside. For even more ideas, get our free science project guide at In addition to a FREE science project guide, we’ll show you how to learn a lot and have a lot of FUN with your OUTDOOR science project!