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Searching the Internet for Kids Science Experiments

If your school has a science fair or requires the completion of a science project as part of their curriculum, the internet might be your most useful tool.   A great way to engage your energetic and inquisitive kid, is to do your own at-home science project.

You can easily search online and find databases of detailed science projects for your kid.  When narrowing the search, be specific, for example, if your child is studying or is interested in earth sciences, a search for “kid’s science experiments, earth science” might yield projects about earthquakes, erosion models, or studies of how fossils are made.

Search more generally for science experiment databases like those found at or There you can search a massive inventory of science experiments with more specific parameters like the grade your child is in, the type of experiment, or field of science. If you don’t have time to browse through too large a database, a great sure bet is the science project guide at, a wonderful resource for finding kids science experiments on the internet. 24 Hour Science Projects are also great as they come complete with the entire topic headers typically used in school science projects such as purpose, hypothesis, procedure, observations, results, and conclusion. 

Find a great experiment for them to have fun doing, no matter what your child’s specific interests.

Go to 24 Hour Science Projects

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