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Get Ready For a Great Science Project for Kids Early

You need to start thinking early about a great science project for kids…

But if you don’t  there are quick and easy science fair projects for kids that are just as good


great  science project for kidsScience fair season gets into full swing in January and  goes through spring.  Some schools even wait until the end of the year for their science fairs, while others do in the fall, but in general looking for a great science fair project for kids to do begins after the Holidays. It would not be wasting your time to start thinking about it beforehand. Parents can use science fair projects at home in lots of ways, not just for science fair

Start looking early

  • Get the project dates and topics when you go to parent conferences in the fall. That will help save some time and energy.
  • You don’t have to make a finals decision early, just start looking so when the time comes you have done the ground work and weeded out bad ones and have a stash to choose from.
  • By looking for a great science project for kids early, you can be sure to have the supplies on hand.  Sometimes there might be a special ingredient  to order ahead of time.
  • For large projects, it give you time to clear some space so when the time comes you don’t have to deal with finding space to do it.  Or at least plan ahead for the time it will take to make space in the garage or basement.

 Read through the entire project before choosing

  • You need to know how long it will take before you start.
  • You need to see if there are any hard to find materials to start searching for
  • You need to double check and make sure the proper steps to  science experiments are followed
  • You need to be sure it is the right age level for your child.
  • You also need to make sure it is the right type of project, a common mistake.  Is is a demonstration, an experiment or  a collection?

Reality does kick in and lots of time you find yourself kicking yourself for not starting early. If it is the last minute you can still find a great science project for kids, they just need to be quick and easy science fair projects

  • In addition to reading the directions for time and odd materials,  check to see if they use common everyday things you already have at home.
  • Instant download comes in handy with any last minute science projects for kids, and pre-loaded spreadsheets
  • Even simple science fair projects can follow the scientific method and study cool science stuff.
  • Directions that are written in kid language help when you are working in a time crunch!

balloonexpandedWe have had quite a bit success with our 24 Hour Science Projects that are kid tested and teacher approved.  All of our home science projects for kids to use were written for real kids who used them at school and even won awards.  We like they because they not only have the pre-formatted spreadsheets and can be downloaded in an instant, but they also include research links and use the scientific method. Nice and quick and easy science fair projects!

Visit 24 Hour Science Projects today and get your great science project for  kids!


Everyday Science Projects Ideas

Everyday science projects ideas are usually easy to find, easy to do and make sense!

everyday science projects ideasThe best two everyday science projects ideas come from the kitchen! Food and liquids!

Food can be a great source for getting everyday science projects ideas to use in the upcoming science fairs.

Food is convenient
Food is familiar
Food lends itself to a many different directions
Food is adaptable to projects for all ages
Food can be quick and easy
Food can be used for long term study

You can analyze the food itself, look at the effects of an ingredient in a recipe, compare brand names for crispness or freshness, and you can grow it. You can look at the manufacturing and distribution or look at nutrition or fertilizers and pesticides

Now with liquids

you have all of the above and the added fun of making a mess with fizzing, oozing, and exploding.

Think of all the everyday science project ideas that you can come up with with cleaning liquids

Liquids are visual, so by  having several clear containers you can see the results in front of your very eyes,make it a great idea.

Need Examples? Here are some experiments we have at 24 Hour science projects, that use food/water/liquids as great everyday science projects ideas.

Which cereal is the flakiest?
How to make those yeast balloons and liquids.
Analyze Vitamin C and how long it lasts.
Water density and floating Leggos.
Adding Alka-Seltzer to different Liquids to see the chemical reaction.
Salt, eggs and ice are other everyday products that can be used in simple science projects for students.

Another thing about using everyday things like food, water or liquids is that the research you have to do is a little less scary because you are dealing with something you know about. They might not know about the chemical reaction, but they know what Alka Seltzer and what it is used for so it gives them a starting point. It is always easier to understand when you add new knowledge to something you already have than it is to learn about an unfamiliar.

As you can see, when your child is looking for ideas for a science fair project, you may not need to go any further than your own house for inspiration!

Use these links to find, download and start using instantly food and liquid everyday science projects ideas and other cool ideas too!


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