Try Some Fun 24 Hour Science Projects for the 24 Hour Sleepover!

24 Hour Science Projects don’t always have to be done for school!

The recipe to success for any overnight sleepover with young kids is keeping them active and busy.  Planning an organized  activity for part of the time really helps. the same goes for youth groups or scouts, anytime you have kids spending the night.  It also helps keep the group together and less wandering off.

The combination of a sleepovers and 24 hour science projects make a great match since  an experiment can be started and sit overnight to check out the results in the morning.

Parents should consider 24 hour science projects as one activity  the next time you sponsor an overnight.  Here are some tips:

  1. Choose  projects that don’t look too school-like. and are something that interests kids of that age.  Girls could look, at beauty projects . Boys a fingerprinting experiment.  These could be part of an overall party theme like a spy night or make-up make-overs.
  2. Be sure everyone has something to do.  You don’t want kids sitting around waiting “their turn.” So having each kid do their own experiment, or one where many hands are needed to get it going.  Like when you compare  how five or six different things react when you change one variable.
  3. Be sure you have everything you need, and that it is are set up ahead of time. Print out the directions, have  a computer close for entering data, and have enough paper in the printer for charts.
  4. Make sure the area where you work has plenty of room to spread out, and have extra grown-ups around to answer questions and supervise.
  5. Finally, be sure the project can be finished in one day, that it is a quick and easy home science projects for kids to do that looks like a lot of fun.

The novelty of the idea can help make this idea a success.  It isn’t like playing the same games that you do at every sleepover or everyone sitting around playing video games. The kids will remember this and go home talking about how much fun they had.  It also takes a huge chunk of time , as any parent who hosts a sleepover know, is a good thing.  It is not a secret formula for getting these same kids to go to sleep so you can get some sleep!

This is just one of the ways parents can use 24 hour science projects at home.  There are other creative uses too!

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