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The projects below are great 4th grade science projects. Whether your fourth grader needs a project for a science fair, report or demonstration, we have what you need.
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Weekend Science Projects. Five guides to easy science projects that can be finished in one weekend! Instructions are clear enough for a fourth grader to follow. Experiments follow the scientific method and meet most science fair guidelines. Visit www.onlinescienceprojects.com. Immediate download!

24 Hour Science Projects. More ideas for 4th grade science projects. These have the same easy to follow format as Weekend Science Projects, but can be finished in only 24 hours. 24 Hour Science Projects can be accessed immediately after purchasing. Get started now and be finished by this time tomorrow!
science projects for kids in seconds Science in Seconds for Kids

Science in Seconds for Kids is full of great easy elementary school science projects. The projects use materials most kids will have around the house. Each procedure is followed by an explanation of what should have happened and why. Experiments can be completed in ten minutes or less.

24 Hour Science Projects
A favorite
"Egg-xperiments" for kids.

another 4th grade science project
Kids will love this tasty science project!

24 Hour Science Projects

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