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Science Projects for Fifth Graders - and Their Parents!

There is something different about a fifth grade science project. In many elementary schools, grade five is the last class before middle school. As the oldest and most experienced students, fifth graders are expected to submit outstanding projects to the science fair. Fifth grade is often the year that determines class placement in middle school. It's important for the science project to follow the scientific method, show good research, and be well-presented.

There are several things to consider when searching for any good science project. The first priority is choosing a topic that interests your student. Then, it's important to check the science project guidelines from the teacher. Is the project to be presented on a science board? Is there an oral report or a demonstration involved? Your teacher may require an experiment with a hypothesis, several trials, and a conclusion. If so, is there an appropriate experiment for your topic? Are the supplies easy to find - and are they affordable? Will the science experiment actually work?

It can be really complicated; it can be really frustrating. We know! We did our first 5th grade science project in 1997. Two years later, we did another one, then did another one a year later. Our last 5th grade science project was done two years ago. That was the year we decided that, since we've been through it all before, we would choose our best science experiments and make them available to others. We picked out five science projects and made them into a package of project guides that we sell online at www.24hourscienceprojects.com.

We've done 5th grade science projects four times, not to mention all the projects we've done in the other grades. We would love to help you and your 5th grader do a fabulous project. We enjoy helping others discover that science projects can really be fun. Take a look at our projects at www.24hourscienceprojects.com. We know you'll find that we've done the hard part, and left the fun of doing science projects for you to enjoy!
5th grader with 24 Hour Science Projects

One of our favorite 5th graders and a blue ribbon!

our 5th grade science project
One of our 5th grade science projects.

24 Hour Science Projects

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