Great Science Projects for Children Over Time, A Weekend or A Day!

It is possible to not only do great science fair projects that take a long time, but there are science projects for children that can be done quickly or over a weekend too!

science projects for childrenWhen it comes to  finding, and then doing science projects for children to use for a science fair, the first you tend to think of is time consuming with weeks of collecting data.  There are really cool and simple science fair projects that involve some time, and there are also some project equally as cool that can be done in one weekend, and believe it or not there are last minute projects that can be done in one day.

The key is with most of the best science projects for children to do is to keep it simple and use materials easily found at home or with a quick trip to a local store.  The science concepts involved can be as complicated as you want, but you are better off with a simple one, particularly if there is any hope of the child doing this on their own without much science homework help. As long as it meets the requirements of the teacher, usually the scientific method is involved, you will be good to go.

Here are three examples of simple, science projects for children  that can be done over time,  in a weekend and on one day.

Science project that need some time
I recently read an article about a girl who looked at bread mold and how different preservatives used in bread, affect how long it takes for mold to grow, or if it even grows.  You can see that it is simple, all you need is some bread with different preservatives, and I am thinking a warm moist environment?  It will be cool because it will become pretty disgusting, or pretty if you are into colors of mold,  but it is also something that can be measured easily over time.  How much mold grew, how many days before it grew and so on.  This is kind project that turns into a family project.  But would never work at the last minute. You can read all about this project here.

Science projects for children to do in a weekend
When you have a weekend, the actual project can be  fairly quick, usually it means track data over several hours, or overnight.  One popular project is looking at different kinds of insulation and seeing what works best for keeping something warm or cold.  This works well as not only does it seems like a popular topic with the push for more green technology, but all you really need is to track temperatures over several hours and then overnight to get decent data.  We have all the details set up for you for this one at Weekend Science Projects here

One Day Science Fair projects can be cool too.

Not only are these great for the last minute when you did not realize a project was due, (we’ve all been there), but they can work well for a quick homework experiment that may not mean making a big display for a science fair.  Keeping with the green theme, you can quickly analyze which toilet paper is most biodegradable.  You go through all the scientific steps, but you will see the results fairly quickly.

You can see all of these science projects for children tend to use easy to find materials, are things the children can do themselves, but are also things the family can also get interested in too.

You can be downloading  five great school science projects for children in the blink of an eye that work  really well for the last minute,  24 hour science projects with this link.