The Coolest of our Cool Science Experiments

All of our science experiments are cool, but you’ll have to agree that A Slice of Ice is the coolest of our cool science experiments. You see, A Slice of Ice is an experiment that finds out if the surface area of ice affects its melting time.

Surface area is what’s on the outside. Image you make two cubes out of playdough – measuring 1 inch on each side. There will be six square inches on the outside of the cubes. Then image you flatten one of the cubes, and make it as thin as possible. Way more than six square inches will be on the outside. There is more surface area in a ‘puddle’ of playdough than in a cube.

Now imagine that the playdough is frozen water – a frozen cube and a frozen puddle. Which do you think will melt faster?

That’s what A Slice of Ice will tell you. See what a cool experiment it is?!

The first thing you’ll have to do is make ice of different shapes, but containing the same amount of water. Our experiment guide tells you an easy (and cheap!) way to get ice containers. Then you have to calculate the surface area. Depending on the type of object you have, there are different formula to calculate surface area. Our science project guide has the formula you need built into a spreadsheet. You just measure and plug in the numbers – and it will be calculated for you!

“We saw how easy it was to go into the little boxes and change the wording to ml instead of ounces.” – Deisy, parent


Purchase our package of guides here, and you’ll get step-by-step instructions for this project, a list of online and offline references, and photographs. Plus, you’ll get four more guides to cool science projects.

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