“It’s Elementary” Science Projects

Elementary Science Projects are tricky. On one hand, you want a science project that your child can do and understand – so it can’t be too hard. On the other hand, you need a project that your teacher will accept – and it can’t be too easy.

We’ve got a suggestion – Undercover Sneeze! This science project is great for early elementary students. It deals with the health – on a subject elementary kids are very familiar with – covering your mouth when you sneeze.

Undercover Sneeze simulates what happens when someone sneezes. It measures the spread of ‘germs’ with hands and without.

Germs are mimicked by making paper punches and loading them into an inflated balloon. The balloon is popped – which represents the sneeze, and the punches scatter like germs do. Students measure the distance that the punches spread.

Two sets of trials are performed for this science project. For one set, paper ‘hands’ are set up around the balloon, simulating a hand held in front of the mouth.

For a first elementary science project, this is an easy experiment that kids can do on their own. They learn to form an hypothesis, to follow a procedure, to keep up with data (it’s just counting!), and to form a conclusion. The project is easy to do, and although they’ll need an adult to supervise, the kids can do the entire project by themselves. A true example of what you’re looking for in elementary science projects.


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