Middle School Science Project Topics

Almost all middle schools require for their sixth, seventh and eighth graders to participate in their school’s science fair. The middle school fair has higher standards than an elementary school, sometimes leaving students feeling overwhelmed.

But take a deep breath. Here are five steps to a middle school science project that is easy and fun, but advanced enough to teach you something and make your teacher happy.
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1. Pick the right type of science project. Most of the time, students are asked to do an experiment – although your teacher may call it ‘an investigatory project’. An experiment has to follow the scientific method. It has to be a repeatable test with measurable results that proves or disproves an hypothesis. You can’t submit a model of the solar system or a collection

2. Do the project yourself. Your parent can help you, but you should be the one doing the project – not the other way around.

3. Find a project that interests you. If you like what you’re doing, you’ll learn more. And if you’re learning, your project will show that you are interested. Teachers – and science fair judges – like that.

4. Make sure you follow the directions. You may be asked to include an abstract, project logs, charts and graphs with your project. Read the instructions closely, so you’ll get credit for all your hard work.

5. Create a great science project board. Give your project a clever title to attract attention. Use bright colors, attractive fonts, interesting props, and clear pictures. Check your spelling, and be very neat.

Middle School is a great time to learn and to grow. Your science project can be a part of that!

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