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Your child's middle school science project is due, and you're searching for the perfect project. You've Googled the internet and searched the library, but you just can't find a project that meets your middle school science project guidelines, yet still interests your "cool" middle schooler. The projects you've seen are either too expensive, too complicated or have materials too hard to find.

Stop searching! You've discovered 24 Hour Science Projects! We have a list of project guides that are suitable for middle school.

We've had children in middle school for a long time, and each year our boys have to choose a middle school science project based on an experiment. For years we struggled to come up with a topic. One year, our son's project proposals were rejected so many times that I finally begged his teacher to just give us a project to do!

But we finally figured out the system! We finally hit on a way to do a science project that:
  • was fun
  • wasn't too expensive
  • really taught our children about science
  • made the teacher happy
  • had supplies that could be found quickly and
  • was great for a science fair!
We have made guides for our best projects and put them together in packages, which are now available to you online. The guides are designed to help parents and students discover that science projects can really be fun. We have easy science projects perfect for a science fair - and perfect as a middle school science project! Take a look at our project guides at www.24hourscienceprojects.com. We know you'll find a science experiment that will be perfect for the young middle school scientist at your house!

See all our projects at Middle School Science Projects.com.

science project milk
Oil and water don't mix - even in milk!

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A Cheesy Middle School Science Project

A Slice of Ice
"A Slice of Ice" Middle School Science Project

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