Science Fair Topics for Middle School Projects

science fair topics for middle school

We’re getting ready to roll out a whole new set of science project with science fair topics that are perfect for middle school! In fact, the projects are called Middle School Science Projects. We’ll be doing some cool experiments, and one demonstration. Here are the topics we have planned:

1. How do different hair products affect the strength of hair. Girls are especially interested in doing a science project about hair. In this project, we treat hair, then test its strength.

2. Does the amount of Vitamin C in Orange juice change over time? This is a slightly more advanced version of our popular Vitamin ‘C’itrus’ project.

3. What liquid is best for growing beans. This experiment involves pH and hydroponics, and you get to make your own litmus paper.

4. What makes yeast grow best? We have another project with yeast as the science fair topic, but its a demonstration. We’re releasing this because so many of our students have asked for a science experiment about yeast.

5. This one is a demonstration/model. We’ll be building a solar heater with cans and a window frame. I plan on using it in our upstairs bathroom, which currently is unheated!

I’m very excited about these projects!! Stay tuned for more information!


P.S. You don’t have to wait for the new package. Get a free science project guide here.


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