Science Project Statistics – How to Find the Average

Science project question: “I’m a mother of a 4th grader who is currently working on his science project. We did the project and it was interesting what the results were. The only thing I can’t figure out how can we figure the average numbers at the end of the trials? How do you figure out the average?”

This was an easy question for me to answer. Since this mom was one of our customers, I just referred her to the spreadsheet included with her project. All she had to do was put in the numbers, and the chart (like the one in the picture) was generated automatically. We have formulas in the spreadsheet that do all the calculations.

That’s what 24 Hour Science Projects is all about!

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My name is Kayla Fay, and my husband and I have four sons. We’ve turned in over 25 science projects. We remember the disappointment of having an experiment fail. We know how frustrating it is to search for a good project at the last minute. The five 24 Hour Science Projects have experiments our sons have completed successfully. The project guides will help you have the same success with your science experiment!