Science Projects for Middle School

It can be overwhelming when your middle school student comes home with that annual science fair project packet. They often need help finding a topic that interests them and can execute on their own.  Luckily, the internet is full of resources that will help you find middle school science projects for every students’ interest, with all the necessary materials and steps to get it done. 

You can begin searching for a relevant science project after finding out what area of science your middle school student is most interested in.  For example, if your child wants to do a chemistry-related project that is appropriate for their age and grade level, you might search for “chemistry science fair projects, 6th grade.” If you can’t easily find a feasible or clear project by just using a search engine, you can also try using a science project guide or inventory online. Some websites like or have searchable databases of science fair projects that you can narrow down by subject matter or grade level. Another good resource to try is the free middle school science project guide at

You’re sure to be able to find a fun and educational science project on the internet no matter what your student’s interest.   Just remember to always be safe and to have fun!

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My name is Kayla Fay, and my husband and I have four sons. We’ve turned in over 25 science projects. We remember the disappointment of having an experiment fail. We know how frustrating it is to search for a good project at the last minute. The five 24 Hour Science Projects have experiments our sons have completed successfully. The project guides will help you have the same success with your science experiment!