Science Projects for Seventh Graders

great science project for kidsWhen looking for a science project for your 7th grade student, it can be a bit difficult  to find the right science project at their grade level. It has to be something they can understand and do mostly for themselves and teach them something. You can help find the perfect 7th grade science project for your student by using some of the resources you have readily at your disposal, including your child’s science teacher, the library, and even resources on the internet.

First, consult with your child’s science teacher when trying to find a good science project idea, especially at the 7th grade level. This way you will know what the class is currently studying to keep the project relevant but not redundant, and clarify any requirements or deadlines that some 7th graders might not quite know how to manage yet.

Next, science project books are easily found at the public library.  These books are reliable and easy to use resources for finding and executing a science project. Trying the library is a great way to teach your child to search for books by subject matter, in this case looking for science projects or the subject matter that interests them, and to ask for help from the librarian if you need it.

Finally, the internet is a great place to find huge amounts of 7th grade science project ideas, but you have to know where to look to save yourself time. While you can begin with a general search for science project ideas, it might be a good idea to search more specifically for websites like that are searchable by subject matter or grade level, so that you aren’t finding projects that are too easy or difficult for your student. Another great tool is the free project guides found at

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My name is Kayla Fay, and my husband and I have four sons. We’ve turned in over 25 science projects. We remember the disappointment of having an experiment fail. We know how frustrating it is to search for a good project at the last minute. The five 24 Hour Science Projects have experiments our sons have completed successfully. The project guides will help you have the same success with your science experiment!