Science Projects on the Internet for Eighth Graders

easy science projectsThe internet can give you an advantage when looking for a science project for you middle school student.  You are sure to be able to find the perfect 8th grade science project for your student that will fulfill their science project requirements, and hopefully follow their interests as well. The thing is to know where to look to get the best and most results.

Start your search by looking  for science projects that suit your 8th grader’s science interests. For example, if they want to do a science experiment that has to do with star gazing or space, you can search  “8th grade science projects, astronomy” to be sure to find a project that is appropriate for their grade level.  However, you will probably need to find a more specific science project website in order to get the best results.

There are certain websites that exist to host whole databases of science projects for kids of all ages, and can be searched by grade level or subject area. Some great science project databases include as well as These websites that are intended specifically for students searching for feasible and fun science projects will likely be more reliable and easy to use than doing a broader search, where the results might be hard to verify. Another good resource are the 8th grade project guides available for free at, that are designed with the usual hypothesis through results structure in mind.

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My name is Kayla Fay, and my husband and I have four sons. We’ve turned in over 25 science projects. We remember the disappointment of having an experiment fail. We know how frustrating it is to search for a good project at the last minute. The five 24 Hour Science Projects have experiments our sons have completed successfully. The project guides will help you have the same success with your science experiment!