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  24 hour science projects
If you're searching for a fast science project topic, check out our quick and easy science project guides! These step by step guides help you with terrific experiment based projects - yet they can be finished in 24 Hours! Get your 24 hour science project today!
If you're searching for a chemistry science project topic, take a look at the Smithsonian Microchem XM 5000 Chemistry Set. It features over 1500 exciting experiments and procedures! The experiments are developed by top chemists, and are designed with your child's safety in mind. The kit includes detailed educational instruction manual. Great for a chemistry science project!
 electricity science project kit
 When your science project topic is on electricity, you can build over 20 fascinating circuits with the Super Circuit Lab, ! Designed especially for young people interested in learning about, playing with, and, most of all, having FUN with basic electric circuits, the Super Circuit Lab allows you to make your own motor, buzzer, alarm, resister, and light circuits, starting with the simple and moving on toward the complex. You'll find lots of science project ideas inside!
physics science project topic
With physical science as your science project topic, you can build the ultimate engine with the Motor-Works Engine Kit! This science project kit creates a real working battery-powered 4-cylinder model engine with lights and sounds. You will be able to observe the spark plugs fire, and the valves open and close. You will also see how the pistons fire with the correct timing. This kit is particularly suited for the middle school science project.
 earth science project topic
A fun demonstration earth science project topic is rock tumbling. Smithsonian's quality rock tumbler uncovers the secrets under the surface of ordinary rocks, revealing amazing colors and patterns with a glass-like finish. Place a few of the included gemstone rocks in the tumbler with some of the included grinding powder, and wait for the beautiful results! The kit also provides materials to make keychains, jewelry and other crafts. This kit is easy enough for elementary school students.

Bald Egg Science Project
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