Science Project Application – Or How to Cool Turkey Broth

It’s always great when you come across a really great science project application. And today, I cooked up a great one. (Pun intended – sorry!)science project application

We had our big Thanksgiving meal over the weekend, and I’m just getting to making broth from that huge turkey carcass. I covered it with water, added a couple of onions and garlic…and simmered away. I needed the broth to be ready quickly, so after it cooled a bit, I got ready to put it into the refrigerator.

So I grabbed a pot. And then saw a second pot. Hmmm. One pot was tall and thin, another was wider at the base. Which one would allow the broth to get cold the fastest?

Then I remembered the science project, A Slice Of Ice, where you experiment to see if ice melts faster at a high surface area or a lower one. I knew that the opposite was true, too, so I looked at the two pots, and realized that the one with the wide base had a greater surface area than the tall and skinny one.

Who says science can’t be applied to everyday life?! I love it.

P.S. So – with my science project application hat on – which one did I choose? Get your copy of A Slice of Ice here – and find out!