Three Cool Science Fair Projects from 2011 Science Fairs

You can read about cool science fair projects that were used in recent science fairs to get some great ideas for this year.

cool science fair projectsI found myself reading about some cool science project ideas from Google Alerts, as we like to keep track of what is going on in the science fair world, and I found a couple that fit right in with what we teach at 24 hour science projects. The main thing I look for is that if they are quick and easy projects to do, and use common every day things you can find around the house.

One of the things we try to get across is that easy to do does not mean simple science. You can find some advanced science concepts that many people never quite get, but since the projects use things you find at home or a quick trip to the local store, that are easy to organize and do. Some of these can be done is as little asn one day and others take a little more time

Here are summaries of the three cool science fair projects I found from this past season:

  • Looking at mold and different kinds of bread: This is good because there are a variables you could zone in on to study mold. The ingredients are simple as can be, but you will need to do this over a period of days or weeks to keep track of the progress of the mold. Different bread types, temperatures, what you put on it, preservatives are just some of a long list of things you could study.
  • Magnetizing seeds to see if they germinate faster: You can read the details from the link, but this was cool because it came from a grandmothers old wives tail, about magnetizing the seeds they used back on the farm. This is another one that is simple to do, easy to record the data, but will take some time, to watch the germination.
  • Which paper towel is more absorbent: This would be a true 24 hour project because you can almost instantly judge how much water different brands of paper towel really absorb., or if single or double layered or ply make a difference, and even compare it to towels or sponges or whatever you want. Again, there are many variables you can test out with this kind of project, so as an idea starter

Notice that in our minds, these are cool science fair projects because each one of them uses common everyday household items like a stop watch, paper towels, bread, or magnets. Believe it or not you will notice that your kids tend to get more “in” projects when they can go rummaging in your cabinets and closets and find what they need themselves!

When you are dealing with a last minute project, where you don’t have much time you can find some really cool science fair projects that still use the scientific principles teachers require!

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