Toilet Paper Science Project

toilet paper science project

With today’s increased awareness of how important it is to take care of the environment, it’s great when kids can do a science experiment with results that could change the way their own family takes care of the earth. Our toilet paper experiment (or – as the supermarket calls it – “bathroom tissue”), does just that! A Straight Flush helps kids find out which toilet tissue is the most biodegradable. The results of the experiment may influence what brand of toilet paper that home purchases.

A Straight Flush compares the weight of tissue samples before and after spending time in our ‘simulated’ toilet. It requires really accurate scales, which can be expensive. We’re cheap at our house, so we opted to use the scales in the post office. (You could also ask to use the scales at a pharmacy or at a grocery store.) We still laugh at the thought of how it looked for us to traipse into the post office with samples of toilet paper.

Whatever it takes for our kids!


P.S. Toilet Tissue science projects are just gross enough to be great Middle School Science Projects!

Go here to read more about toilet paper and septic systems.

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