Top 7 Ways Parents Can Use 24 Hour Science Projects at Home

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids entertained. One fun activity to have on hand is a stash of 24 hour science projects to get the kids away from their electronic “click, click” world. Most parents realize that even though the electronic gadgets the kids use are great, they also know that they need to get their kids away from them from time to time and actively involved in the rest of the world.

Here are seven fun ways that these easy, one day science fair projects can be used at home with your kids.

One: Weekend Wondering– Create a the pattern that on the weekends, when everyone has more time, you will take time to explore the rest of the world. This is a great time to use a simple science fair project, to bake or to use woodworking blueprints to build something out of wood.

Two: Babysitter Bonus– Having something organized to do when a teenage babysitter comes will give them something constructive to do with the kids and lessen the mischief kids try to create when their parents are away.

Three: Snow Day– Probably not the first snow day of the season, but a winter with multiple snow days will find you looking for something to keep the kids occupied. Some 24 hour science projects might be just the thing, especially if you can find one where you use the snow as part of the activity!

Four: Sleep Over Savior- A quick,easy science fair project could be the perfect activity for a group of bubbly active kids who descend upon your house for a sleep over. Busy hands equals less mischief.

Five: Fever Fun– You are not allowed to send your child back to school until the fever has been gone for 24 hours. So 24 hour science fair projects might be just the thing to keep them occupied on that day they are better, but not allowed back in school.

Six: Vacation Variety– Whether it is a short school break or the longer summer break, boredom will set in. If you can’t get the kids to work on the school work sent home, you might be able to get them interested in a cool science fair project for kids.

Seven: Holiday Happenings– There are interesting one day science fair projects that involve common things associated with the holidays. A project around chocolate for Valentine’s Day or the calories in eggnog at Christmas would be a fun addition to your holiday fun.

As you can see, parents can use 24 hour science projects in all kinds of ways to keep their children occupied with things that do not involve electronic devices. Having a supply on hand of one day science fair projects will keep your kids interested in the world around them and occupied in these common situations

Here is a link to a great digital resource for simple, easy to follow 24 hour science projects, weekend projects and demonstration projects. Often these digital products cost less than what you would pay for a pizza.
One Day Science Fair Projects
Step by Step Blueprints for Students and Parents

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My name is Sue Gnagy Fegan and I used a structured, sequential multisensory teaching approach for the past 34 years. I saw first hand the benefits of engaging students in productive, hands on activities to make learning more meaningful and more fun.

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