Winning Science Projects – A Straight Flush

We’ve got a lot of winning science projects in our collection of guides. One of our favorite winners is A Straight Flush. This experiment compares the biodegradability of different types of bathroom tissue, and can be classified as a consumer or and environmental science project. winning science projects

Some students choose to compare brands of tissue, and others choose to compare types – like one or two ply, scented or non, or pre-moistened. To do this project, you need tissue samples, a scale with close tolerances (that means it shows the weight in very small increments – like ounces or milligrams), jars, water, and a screen. We used the scale at the post office, and yes, we did get some funny looks weighing toilet paper tissue. You could possibly also use the scale at the grocery store or pharmacist if you ask nicely and flash a winning smile.

a straight flush science project

To do this, you weigh the tissue samples, soak them in water for a period of time, ‘flush’ them through a funnel, let the non-flushed tissue dry, then compare the weight of the pre-soaked tissue to the post-soaked tissue. It’s a very easy and inexpensive project to do. It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot. And, yes, it has been a winner at the science fair!

To get step by step instructions for this experiment – plus reference materials and pre-formatted graphs/charts, get our package of science project guides. Our guides can’t guarantee you’ll win at the science fair, but if you ask us – any time you learn something and learn to love science more – you have a winning science project!


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